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What is

Space in the cloud to store backups in the country, offered by a company that since 1999 , understands the importance of preserving the data of its customers.

Target audience

Users who are not content with the various limitations of traditional cloud (Google Drive, onedrive , iCloud , etc.) and are willing to pay a little more to have a better service.

Problems of traditional clouds

There is no way to know where the data is stored . Files uploaded to Google Drive, for example, can be stored on a server in Taiwan . There are companies that, by law, can not store data outside of the country, and may not be subject to not know where they are effectively stored your data.
There is no control over bandwidth usage . There is no guarantee that a file sent to Google Drive (for example) to be transferred at the time chosen by the user; who decides the time of the effective transfer is the service provider (who will decide based on your interests, and not on what is best for the user).
There is no way to know details about the data center physical structure . The traditional cloud providers disclose only general information about hardware, civilian facilities, protection against natural disasters, physical access control, etc. Are just descriptions of the "trust me, it's safe" - there is no way to visit the premises and verify on the spot the promises. Google Drive (for example) only says:
"Access to Google storage centers is highly controlled. Google uses security teams 24 × 7, cameras and alarm state of the art, and has high security fences around each data center. "(


- Data stored in the national territory: your data will not come out of Brazil;

- Control over the use of the band: the backup is done at the time you choose (synchronous connection);

- Our data center has fixed address: you know where your data is stored (and can even visit them);

- No loyalty;

- Complete and integrated solution for cloud backup (software + space).
Please contact our Sales Team at phone +55 (48) 2106-1400, by email at or by our chat, which we will be happy to help you.

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